Seeing local restaurants perform poorly or closed in my hometown in Lawrence, MA encouraged me to put my tech skills to use and alleviate some of the problems they faced. The Restaurant Digital Menu a.k.a Grab2Go is an online ordering system for pick-up and on-demand delivery. The goal of the Grab2Go platform is to help restaurants build a customer database while providing and additional stream of income at a low cost.

Easy To Use

Using Grab2Go a restaurant will leverage their phone number so their customers can text a keyword such as "menu" and an automated response would return containing a link to the restaurants website.

Increase Recurring Revenue

By encouraging customers to use the texting method restaurants can grow a database where they can market to those who opt-in to receive special offers.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

By using Bootstrap, I was able to quickly design and customize a responsive mobile-first website.

This enabled me to give both mobile users and desktop users a great experience.

Orders Received In a Friendly Format

Although a tablet would have been more convenient.. I didn't want to introduce anything that may complicate the already busy kitchen staff.

Surprisingly this was the most challenging part of the project. Getting the Epson TM-T88V-iHub Series to communicate with my APIs was a challenge. First the communication protocol was XML and at the time had little to no documentation

After getting the communication down using wired internet connection. A wired connection was not viable for all the customers so WIFI became a requirement. Luckily printer allows for periphials, a WIFI dongle being one of them.

Progress Made So Far

The stats below are a relfection of how the digital menu is performing at the time of this writting.

Total Orders Placed


Total Customer Spend


Inbound Text Messages